At this time of sad loss there are many things to consider and arrange to make the funeral occasion a perfect one. We are happy to discuss your loved one’s funeral arrangements over a cup of team in an environment in which you feel comfortable.

  • Transport options

We offer a range of transport options including classic limousines which can be provided, at a cost, to transport the family. Options for a funeral hearse range from a Horse Drawn carriage to a simple contemporary hearse, preferences and charges can be discussed at the arrangement appointment.

  • Obituary Notices in Newspapers

Every client has different wishes for communicating the details of the funeral and to celebrate the life of a loved one. Details of the funeral time and date can be published in a local, national or other publication. The obituary notices can also become a tribute to the person who has died, we can organise obituary notices for you, discuss your wishes with the person making the funeral arrangements.

  • Floral tributes

Some families like to donate flowers in memory of the deceased while others prefer to donate to a nominated charitable cause in memory of their deceased. Cheques for donations should be made out to the name of the Charity selected and a note of who it is in memory of.

  • Service Sheets

We can provide a contact for these to be provided by a local printer who has many formats and options to choose from.

To discuss the perfect funeral for your loved one call us on 01892 523 131

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