Spare much of the burden of bereavement for loved ones by buying a pre-paid funeral plan. Peace of mind and consideration for others is the most often the reason for taking care of funeral costs in a pre-paid plan.

We recommend Golden Charter who offer three levels of funeral plan; The Simple Way, The Traditional Way and The Exclusive Way. With Golden Charter, you know that loved-ones will be arrange your funeral just as you would have wished it. You’ll have specified every detail of the funeral in advance, selected the funeral director and taken care of the costs for your funeral as arranged. When the time comes everything will then be taken care of, and carried out according to your wishes, relieving your family of the stress and financial worry they may otherwise have to face.

  • The Simple Way Funeral Plan From £3,285.00

This plan covers essentials only, no viewing, limited personalisation options and no transport.

  • The Traditional Way Funeral Plan From £3,665.00

A more comprehensive plan and the most popular, personalised options available, includes a hearse plus one limousine leaving from family home.

  • The Exclusive Way Funeral Plan From £3,999.00

The most comprehensive plan, full personalised options available, includes a hearse plus two limousines leaving from family home, listing in local paper and provision of floral tributes.

All inclusive funeral plans can be tailored to each family’s requirements and preferences, so that funerals can be carried out with compassion and respect without the added financial burden on loved ones. Funeral costs can vary based on individual choices.

Paying for your funeral

If you are on a low income and need help to pay for the funeral you are arranging, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment from the DWP. Alternatively, you might have to repay some or all of it from the estate of the person who died. For more information on how to claim Funeral payments see government website here: 

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