Funeral Services

The deceased may have made their wishes known in their will or simply by talking family members. Whether your choices are burials, cremations or even green funerals we will arrange the funeral according to your individual needs. On initial contact we will organise the conveyance of the deceased to our private chapel and we will ask for preliminary details and arrange an appointment with you to discuss all the arrangements.

Cremation is not usually as expensive as a burial, and enables you to keep the ashes allowing the family members more choice after the funeral for a subsequent memorial event. Cremation also avoids having to find a suitable burial plot, and paying for the plot, hence cremation is becoming increasingly the popular option and now accounts for around 70 per cent of all funerals in the UK.

When choosing a cremation, you can opt for a church service followed by a short committal ceremony at the crematorium, or you can have just a service at the crematorium. Alternatively you can just have no ceremony at all and organise a private memorial at some later date with the cremated remains as the focal point.

Whatever your family wishes let us help you through the options and support you at this difficult time. We can also provide advice on funeral plans.

Contact: 01892 523 131 to discuss your choices of Funeral Services

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